How to pick the right family home

marin county family home
marin county family home

Picking a right home is often one of the biggest financial purchases you will ever undertake, and the buy becomes even more important and precious when it involves your members of the family. Because a  home is the centre of family life. Your home serves as the backdrop for all your family events, from the little daily milestones to birthdays.  While the houses are of different sizes and come in different layouts, there are a number of common factors that you should consider when deciding on what makes your perfect family home.

Factors To Consider When Picking The Right Family Home


The location is number one consideration when you are picking right home. Make sure the location has all of the amenities you need to be sure that an area is right for your family and that fits in well with what you’re looking for.  Check out local schools,  Parks, and most importantly, that it’s a safe area to raise a family. You can take a stroll to the school you’ve been looking to send your children to; all these things are essential to round up your search and will make choosing the right home a whole lot easier.

Look for The Size and the Floor Plan

The size  and the floor of your home should be the another vital consideration. Choosing a floor plan should begin with how large a home will suit your lifestyle. Decide how many bedrooms you will require for your family  members and how many bathrooms are enough for you and visiting guests. Think about how your right home space will be used whether it will fit your lifestyle now and in the future. The right family home should factor in your present and future needs.


Be sure the neighbourhood, and not just the home, meets your expectations. Is the neighbourhood safe enough for people to walk, run, or bike, and are there children playing in the yards? Do the neighbours keep the yards clean? It’s crucial that you find a neighbourhood that suits your needs while buying.

Layout You Love

Be sure to focus on finding a layout that is as close to right for you as possible.  Image yourself using the area as you move through the property. Think about things you’d like to do over the years you spend in the home of your dreams. If you take pride to host the family event, party every year, consider an open-concept design that will you’re your friends and family plenty of room to roam. However, if each of your family members enjoys in having their own private space, a more traditional layout might be a better option.

Outdoor space

Keep in mind to examine that, if the home does have a space to play outside, that it’s visible from within the home. This will come in useful when your children are old enough to run outside and adhere to themselves.

 If there is no sizable and safe outdoor area, check whether the home is within walking distance of a park. You’ll still have a place for you and your kids to stretch your legs, and you may even get to know your neighbours a little better while you are there.

Windows and Lighting

Look at the places of electric sites and equipment. A proper lighting in the kitchen, cove lighting in the bedroom and chandelier in the dining room, it’s nice to have it in the home when you pick it.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Determine your need of bedrooms & bathrooms and  only look at homes that meet your criteria. An extra bedroom is always a plus, as it can be used for a home office or guest room. A large bath can ensure it is a lot easier to get your children clean at bath time. It’ll also help if you have enough space to comfortably sit by the bath.


Kitchen is the heart of the home, So, look for a kitchen that has ample storage space along with proper window, ventilation and preferably one that forms part of an open-plan living area, it is better if you’ll find a kitchen with these features.

Closets and Storage

A right family home requires big closets and lots of storage.  You should look for enough storage area for all of your belongings. In addition to considering your current circumstances, you should also consider the closets and storage plans for future years.

Check the Price

You can obviously get a wise idea of how much a property is worth by comparing with others. However, you can also get a  lot of information on various websites could also help out. You can check whether prices are rising or falling in the local area.


By taking the time to prescreen home while picking and paying attention to details that will affect your family, you can find a home that will be right for your family.

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